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Holiday Lash Season: Navigating Our Busiest Time Of The Year!

If you’re a lash artist, salon owner or anyone else in the beauty business, you’ll know that we’re heading into the busiest time of the year. The run-up to the holiday season is, to put it mildly, absolutely frantic. 

It’s not just your imagination, either. According to a research presented by Salon Today, salons make an additional 107 percent in total revenue in December compared to the rest of the year. So, if you’re pulling your hair out trying to manage client bookings, you’re not alone.

In this post, we run through all the strategies you need for the busiest time of the year in the lash business. Check them out below. 

Utilize pre-booking 

If there’s one thing that nail techs, hair stylists, lash artists or any other professional in the beauty industry have in common, it’s that our services are retention based. No service in our industry is a “one and done” deal. We need clients to return in order to maintain their look. Whether it’s lashes, hair or nails, pre-booking is essential in running your business smoothly. In fact, it’s a business strategy that helps you achieve better client retention.

1. Provide a positive experience

This is very important! After all, people have to want to come back. Clients spend good money on lashes + they should feel great about doing so. Make sure your clients have a great experience time after time. The time they spend in your salon should be enjoyable + comfortable.

2. Recommend appointment dates

Before their appointment, take a look at the calendar so you know what date to recommend for their next appointment. Explain why you recommend that date + how they will benefit from it. For example, if a client waits more than 4 weeks to fill their lashes, chances are she’ll have to repay for another full set which isn’t cost efficient.

3. Show authority

Clients want to go to the best of the best- show them that’s YOU! Establish your authority in your field. Be knowledgeable + willing to provide advice + recommendations. Use your expertise to show them exactly what they need + how often they need to come back.

Do all of these steps with confidence + you’ll keep your schedule full. Don’t let a client walk out the door without their next appointment. Remember that oftentimes, they are looking for direction + will appreciate your recommendation as to when to book again. If they seem unsure, repeat step 2. Don’t forget to send out appointment reminders + be very clear about your cancelation policy so everyone is on the same page.

Utilize strategic scheduling

Strategic scheduling is another option. Here, you’re using smart strategies to get the most out of your day and bring you closer to your mission.  You can try leveraging the time of day when your body is at peak performance (usually the mid morning for most people) or time-blocking your schedule. 

Practice self-care

During this busy season, don’t work yourself to the bone. Practice self-care. Out of hours, do the following to keep yourself sane: 

  • Read a book 
  • Pilates or yoga
  • Abstain from social media for a while
  • Maintain a balanced diet- don't forget to eat throughout the day!
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Spend time outside

Stock your inventory

With trade pandemic-related disruptions rocking the world’s supply chains, inventory stocking has become a significant issue for many eyelash extension artists. Ensure that you have all the supplies you need to meet holiday demand, plus some extra, just in case. 

Offer retail products

Don’t be afraid to give certain customers conventional retail products for home care. This way, you can still generate revenue without giving up your time. 

Stay ahead of your scheduling

You’re going to be busy in the run-up to Christmas, so if you fall behind on your scheduling, it could further add to the stress.

To stay ahead of your schedule: 

  • Review your to-do list – ask yourself whether you’re allocating enough time to each client
  • Do your workout before you go to work – don’t leave it until afterward when you might run out of time
  • Plan your day before you leave the house – ask yourself whether you have time to serve every client
  • Use your spare time to complete other essential tasks, such as invoicing, taxes, and staff meetings

Schedule breaks to eat and rest

Lastly, look after yourself while you work. According to research, long working hours have a host of adverse effects, including high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anxiety and stress. Therefore, take a break from time to time. 

Don’t give up your lunch break to squeeze in extra customers, either. Studies suggest that it could reduce morale and productivity, leading to burnout. 

So there you have it: some helpful ideas for navigating the busiest time of the year. Which will you use?

Merry Christmas + Happy Lashing!

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