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Building a Lash Business Through Social Media

If you are hoping for your business to find success, one of the most important things you need to be aware of is how to market it. These days, a common and very powerful way of marketing any business is through the use of social media. Indeed, used in the right way, social media can very much be one of the most powerful marketing solutions out there.

When you are trying to build your lash business, you should use social media to get your name out there, find new clients and connect with others in the industry. If you capitalize on this, you can hopefully set yourself apart in what is a very fast-growing industry.

So how can you ensure you are approaching your social media marketing in the right way?

Before & After Photos

One of the best uses of social media for someone with your kind of business is to post before and after photos of some of your clients’ lash work. If you are just starting out, you can offer some free or at a reduced cost, and then hire a professional photographer to take the necessary photos as you go. Sharing these pics is a great way to show just what you can do.

Live Videos

Live videos are all the rage in social media marketing right now, and for something like a lash business they work especially well. People will be able to see you offering your service, and what’s great about this is that they can see all of the aspects of the service, not just the lash artistry itself: how you manage and speak to clients, what the environment at your business is like, and so on.

Connect With Hashtags

If you are using social media and not making use of hashtags, you are simply not doing it right. Hashtags offer you the chance to be found by others and to get in touch with people, and they are a great way to start connecting. At first, you will want to fill out your Instagram captions with hashtags as well as utilizing them in your Twitter posts, but later on you can narrow them in more and more to your specific niche as your audience grows and people work out who you are and what you are doing.

Be Real

There is a real movement right now away from the influencer-style fakery and more towards a ‘real’ approach. So when you are showing off your models and your lash work, make a point of avoiding using too many filters and so on. This is going to win you points with the woke brigade, and it will mean that people really know what they are getting. It also displays a confidence in your work that people will find irresistible.

Use Our Training & Support

To help you make the most of social media as you build your lash business, don’t hesitate to take one of our courses. With our training, we will teach you everything you need to know, and we are always happy to offer ongoing support after the training to help you there too.


 Happy Lashing!

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